Our Heritage

Over 80 Years of Skogstad


For three generations Skogstad have made quality clothing and in 2017 we celebrated our 80th Anniversary. Here we look back on the incredible journey.




In 1937 in Innvik, a small town on the shores of Nordfjord in Norway, Halstein Skogstad created the company H. Skogstad Ltd to make textile products such as trousers and jackets. H. Skogstad Ltd also specialised in making clothing for local factories and companies. By the end of the 1970’s, Skogstad was in partnership with companies across Norway and employed 10-15 people in Innvik.


Generation Change #1

Anton Skogstad, Halstein’s son, took over as Manager in 1978. In 1981, Anton changed the registration of the company to Skogstad Sport A/S, and from that time began to produce their “Skogstad” branded products targeted at the sport and outdoor market. The products such as mountain jackets/anoraks and walking trousers began to be a big success in Norway and Skogstad produced upwards of 60,000 products a year throughout the 80’s. During this time, there were about 35 employees working for Skogstad on the shores of Nordfjord.


New Location

Business was booming! Skogstad had to move from their small factory into larger premises, but production still remained in Innvik, Nordfjord. The company continued to grow between 1984 and 1995.


Branding Prize

In 1994, Skogstad Sport received a prize for their successful brand development from the Sogn og Fjordane region. The prestigious award recognised good design, good product, and a thorough marketing and branding strategy.


Change in Production

Sadly, in the early to mid-90’s, it became harder and harder to generate profits from Norwegian based production. It was therefore decided that by 1997, all production would be moved out of Norway. After a short period trying out production in Bulgaria, Skogstad created their own office and team in China. That is where production remains today.


Product Development

Since the beginning, Skogstad has always had the highest possible focus on product development and innovation. Skogstad was the first supplier in the sport’s industry in Norway to development waterproof and windproof children’s products with taped seams. And because of this, Skogstad is considered one of the market leaders in the development quality outdoor clothing for kids.


Skogstad UK (that’s us!)

The UK and Norway have long had a great affinity and like for each other. Scandinavian products are much liked in the UK and outdoor clothing from Norway is afforded great respect in the UK sport and outdoor market. And so, in 2012, Skogstad developed Skogstad UK. Our great design and sensible prices have taken hold in the UK market and we are excited to be here!


Generation Change # 2

Henning Skogstad took over as the Manager for Skogstad in Norway at the start of 2013. Anton is still involved in the company and Henning’s siblings, Ann Kristin and Frank, also work in the company. Skogstad Sport AS remains a 100% family-owned business.


The future!

Skogstad now proudly has 10 retail stores in Norway (with more in development), many fantastic retailers in the sport and fashion industry in Norway, the UK, Slovakia and more, and successful online stores covering the whole of Norway and the UK. And we're just getting started! Skogstad make clothes for the whole family and our products are known for their innovation, enjoyable design, high quality, and sensible price. Product, company development, and “the customer’s needs” are always in focus, and we promise to continue to deliver clothes for tomorrow’s outdoor experiences.